How To: Unsqueak your shoes!

What could be worse than buying the perfect shoe for a perfect evening, leaving the store with overjoy and excitement, but when you get home and finally slip them on, they’re doing more than just making a statement… they won’t shut up!

One of the most common disappointments after a shoe purchase is noise. This goes for athletic shoes, dress shoes, stilettos, wedges, leather (or faux), and even flip flops. Some people return shoes thinking it was “just that pair” or a factory defect, some keep them stuffed in the back of the closet for months hoping that, with time, the noise will fade and squeaking will disappear. However, what most people don’t know, are the easy DIY ways to stop the noise!

Here are a few solutions I found by scouting online and asking friends & family:

1) Find something oily, may it be lip balm, vaseline, lotion, carmex, or even shoe polish  (watch out with this one).

2) For sneakers, you may want to use WD-40 or baby powder.

3) Rub your weapon of choice on the top of the tongue, underneath the tongue, and on the inside of the shoe.

4) In some shoes, you may have to remove the sole, rub the substance on the bottom of the shoe, and reinsert the sole.

5) In literally a few moments of walking around, the problem should be solved!

I had this discrepancy with my new shoe purchase below (cobbler booties) and was embarrassed to walk around indoors. I solved my problem with vaseline and I am squeak free! Pass this on to a friend in need. :)

Remember: YOU should wear the garment…it shouldn’t wear you! (or scare you off, for that matter)



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