“These boots were made for walking .. “

As both of us obviously love travel and love fashion, the question often arises on how to combine the two. Sometimes, where you travel doesn’t allow for fashion when it comes to shoes… so what do you wear?

In most parts of the world, provided you are in an urban area and are doing walking and sight-seeing, not heavy trekking, normal sandals (without socks, of course!) or flip flops are okay. Try to go for dressier shoes in Europe, such as gladiator sandals or nicer flip flops. The key to fitting in with your shoes is to look fashionable, comfortable, and effortless – the Birkinstocks and tennis shoes won’t do! Try these Sam Edelman gladiator sandals – I wear them all day at work and my feet stay more comfortable than expected. An ankle strap allows for extra support. The snakeskin color matches with absolutely anything!

In other parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia, you will need a sturdier shoe that gives you more support and protection. To fit in with the backpacker culture, try a Teva or a Choco. You can take these shoes day hiking and walking in places you might not want to take your better shoes. The tread is often good for dirt, cobblestones, and watery areas. At night, you can hose your tevas or chocos off or rinse them out in a sink. There is no leather to destroy. They may look a little dorkier than cuter sandals, but still don’t look as bad as tennis shoes or hiking boots and weigh considerably less.

When should you purchase hiking boots or trail shoes? When you are planning on doing day long hikes and treks, especially when climbing. These shoes are also necessary when you are in the rainforest, jungle, or a colder climate. You can still find attractive options if you need a more technical shoe. Brooks, well known for their running shoes, make great trail running shoes that can be comfortably used for lighter treks.

The most important thing to remember when packing for traveling is that you are going to be walking A LOT and to research what you will need so you have time to find the cutest option!


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