For the Atypical Bride

Urban Outfitters will launch its new brand, Bhdln. Bhdln is more upscale than Urban’s sister brand, Anthropologie, and will feature bridal and special occasion wear.

Bhdnl will have bridal wear that is unconventional, like its target market will be. Anthropologie’s target market is women in their upper 20s to 30s who appreciate off-kilter and keitchy pieces. Bhdnl will have the same visions in their wedding dresses. The focal point of one dress is an off-centered taffeta bow, another dress has an unfinished hem. The price points of the dresses will be from $1000-$4000.

Besides wedding and special occasion dresses, Bhdnl will have accessories for weddings as well, such as table pieces, lingerie, and and jewelry. The entire line will feel very much like Anthropologie.

Other designers and companies that are introducing bridal lines include J Crew, who launched their bridal boutique in New York last year and The Limited, who sell a limited number of bridal gowns online.

Bhdnl will launch two to three stores next year. The e-store will launch on Valentines Day. Shipping costs have been built in to the prices so brides will have no hesitation in buying a dress online to try it on.

Several of Bhdnl’s dresses


One of the dresses for Bhdnl




2 thoughts on “For the Atypical Bride

  1. Cute Vintage says:

    cute post. i’m a big fan of BHDLN….I just need to find me a wedding!

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