How to… Wear the Same Clothes for 2 Weeks

In July 2007, I went on a two week trip to Europe with my family for my high school graduation present. I spent weeks agonizing over what to wear. I bought hundreds of dollars of new clothes and smartly packed everything into one small suitcase, planning my outfits so I could wear something different every day while reusing some of the pieces. Then tragedy struck in the form of United Airlines losing my luggage for a month and a half.

In 2007, the Euro and the Pound were very strong against the US dollar. I didn’t want to spend my limited time in Europe shopping (strange, I know!). I’m a traveller who travels to see and to experience – not to spend all my time in stores (although I like doing that, too; it’s just not my first choice of things to do!). 2007 was before Topshop was in New York and since London was our first stop, it did give me a chance to go to Top Shop.

Topshop was absolutely overwhelming. I was jet lagged and depressed that all my clothing options were who knows where, maybe in DC, maybe somewhere over the Atlantic (later I found out they had been flying between London and Paris for over 30 days). I did however get a cute rayon dress, a few cardigans (London is cold, even in July!), a scarf to fit in with the Londoners, and a few other tops. I had worn pinstripe Bermuda shorts and a coral colored top on the flight, along with flip flops. Luckily I didn’t wear sweatpants or I would have been really set back.

In Paris, we went to Printemps, one of the largest department stores in Paris. (The first department store ever was Bonmarche, also in Paris.) There I got a jacket, sweater, and skirt, to add to my new wardrobe.

In Switzerland I picked up a few dresses and a couple purses at H&M, just to affordably round out my wardrobe.

So in total I had: 3 dresses, one jacket, two cardigans, 3 tops, one skirt, one pair of bermuda shorts, and a pair of flip flops. I wasn’t the most fashionable girl in Europe, but I tried to make do. Here are several of my outfits from the week (please ignore 18 year old me, especially 18 year old me without my shampoo (I used Redken blonde glam and couldn’t find it until Switzerland, over a week into our trip) and make-up).

Flight outfit, Rome, 2007Topshop dress with different cardigan. Dorky pose at Barcelona aquarium, 2007.

Dress and cardigan from Topshop, Paris 2007

H&M Dress, Switzerland 2007

Putting it all together: H&M dress and top, Topshop scarf, H&M dress, Kookai jacket, Stonehenge 2007



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