because every girl should be able to wear WHITE.

So, you said yes. He’s ready. Date’s set. LET THE WEDDING PLANNING BEGIN.

The most crucial ingredient to any happy wedding, next to finding the love of your life, is finding the right dress! Some girls dream about this for years, before they even meet Mr.Right. Others know exactly what they want to such specificity, that they have dresses custom-made! And many, like myself, won’t know it until they see it.

Vera Wang has had this all figured out long before I was even born. She wanted to help the women who were looking for not only a dress, but self-representation reflected through bundles of lace, the softest silk, wild organza, beeding and embellishment, and a color pure and white. If you have ever dreamed of being a bride, you are well aware of the level of sophistication, beauty, and design that Vera brings to her clientele. That being said, you can only imagine how exciting this recent news must be!

Launching this month, Vera Wang has teamed up with David’s Bridal to create an affordable fashion forward bridal collection called WHITE. She offers a delicate color palate of pinks, grays, white, and cream. In addition to bridal gowns, the accessories that match include: belts, headbands, hair pieces. And do not worry! The collection is voluminous enough that you and your best friend will absolutely not be wearing the same dress =).

Good luck to all of the lucky ladies who will soon be walking down the aisle in one of these jaw-dropping, breath-taking, heart stopping gowns in 2011!



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