Five Things

I’m trying to get back in the swing of writing, so I am about to put a lot more effort in the blog. I have a lot of ideas, so I don’t want to use them up all at once. I’m just going to write about five things I’m currently obsessed with… in no particular order.

1) Lana Del Ray. So maybe she is pretty bad live, but I’m obsessed with Born to Die. It’s been on repeat for the past month. Check out Video Games below, if you haven’t already. I’d still buy tickets to see her live.



2) White Girl Problems. Babe Walker is really just a brand of two guys and a girl, which kind of breaks my heart, but the fake-memoirs were pretty hilarious. I love her blog, too. The joke at work was that I was secretly Babe Walker, and that’s why I was so excited when her book came out. But how can I not relate to her?


3) Arm Parties. I haven’t started my own arm party yet, but it is my goal to have one going on by the end of the summer. I’m ordering a few of these Market-Weaver Bracelets from Madewell to get the party started.


Image from


4) Downton Abbey. I was looking for a new show to watch and kept hearing how awesome Downton Abbey was. I watched the first season on Netflix and was hooked. The second season was available streaming on PBS, but now that has expired. I’m going to buy them from iTunes. I figure it’s on PBS, I can support it a little bit. Will Mary end up with Matthew? Who’s going to die from the Spanish Flu? I can’t stop watching.


Matthew and Mary

5) Birchbox. I only signed up last month so I haven’t received my box, but I love the idea of getting a box of awesome beauty samples every month. I’ll be sure to blog about my finds as soon as I get my first box! Only $10 for 5-6 deluxe, luxury beauty samples a month. Haven’t heard of it? Check out Birchbox now.

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