Maxxed Out

I stand tall at 5’0″ (even though I typically lie and say 5’1″). I always thought I was too short for maxi skirts & dresses until this year when I finally gave one a try. I admit, out of my four maxis, I have had to have two shortened.

What’s the key to wearing maxis when you’re short? Pair them with wedges and fitted tops and you’re bound to get tons of compliments!


Top: Madewell; Skirt: Brandy Melville; Shoes: Dolce Vita


2 thoughts on “Maxxed Out

  1. Paige says:

    So you didn’t have to alter the Brandy Melville maxi dress given your petite height? Wow!
    Where do you purchase jeans/shorts; there’s such a limited section for petite ladies and I’m occasionally forced to wear kids sizes!
    Ps any suggestions for oxblood/ruby shade skinnies?

    • seetwo2 says:

      I did not have to alter THAT Brandy Melville Maxi luckily, but I have had to alter their high-lo skirts.

      I purchase my blue jeans from 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, True Religion, and Rich & Skinny. I do have long legs for my height, so typically I just wear regular length scrunched up at the bottom.

      I purchase colored, printed, and trend denim from American Eagle Outfitters. I actually have a pair of oxblood knit jeggings from them right now that I love – I do typically purchase short length from them though.

      I buy my shorts pretty much everywhere, but typically AE (shortie length) and J Crew (4-5 inch shorts).

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