How To: Keep The Love Alive

Your memories and special moments will last a lifetime – but how do you keep your roses fresh and perky too? Regardless of what anyone says, girls love flowers. We don’t know why, but we just do. They send a smile wide across our faces. They make us giddy. They bring envy to everyone else.. It’s astounding the effect flowers can have.

Roses by far can be the most romantic, but hardest flower to maintain. I’ve learned a simple trick from a friend that is accessible to all and sure to work! I recently tested it out on a surprise bouquet that arrived to my desk last week =). Here is the remedy for making the moment last:

  • Obtain a single pill of aspirin (Advil, Tylenol)
  • Put in zip-lock bag
  • Smash up into a powder with a meat tenderizer, spoon, etc
  • Once powdery, sprinkle into a fresh (luke-warm) vase of water
  • Stir
  • Repeat every two days into new water
  • Voila!

Monday through Saturday!

Your roses should be as happy as mine are come Thursday evening, and even through the weekend! Try this tip and you will have an elongated reminder of that special reason they arrived in the first place! Enjoy =)

Additional tips here.

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