A New New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, on the first on January, there is a global feeling of revitalization  Typically, people feel the need to cleanse, start over, be better, make amends. I asked one of my best friends what he thought would be a positive and motivational New Year’s Resolution to live by for 2013, and his answer, as always, moved me enough to share with the world of cyberspace:


I was actually thinking about writing a blog about new years resolutions, but didn’t want to waste my time because the fact is in less than a week people completely lose focus and forget about their goal. people should ALWAYS be pursuing their life goal AKA destiny. You don’t disrespect your destiny by making it a new years resolution.  There are 2 master lessons in life, there is the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment  Whatever it is you decide to put your life’s work into make sure it brings you fulfillment because at the end of the day that’s all that matters is self fulfillment. – Mike Wojcik



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