Blue Print Cleanse Day 2

Day 2 was the perfect day for me to be doing a juice cleanse because I was running around from 7 am to midnight, running errands and packing for my work trip to Palm Springs the next day. I planned on running and showering early, but forgot my running shoes so that got pushed between my hair appointment and massage (you are encouraged to get a massage while cleansing to help get all the toxins out of your body.

I had not water with lemon at my hair appointment, then around 9 cracked open my green juice. I think my need for coffee or tea in the morning is really just my body wanting something hot to get it going.  I’m going to keep drinking hot water with lemon every morning.

The weight (say it’s water weight, it doesn’t matter to me because its all weight, as long as I keep it off) is really coming off. I weighed 102 the two days before I started (5 pounds more than I am comfortable with and about 7 more than where I want to be), 101.6 the day before the cleanse, 101 even the morning of the first day, then back to 100.4 the morning of the second day.

Next time I do a cleanse, I would like to do it in the summer. I was absolutely freezing. One of my friend noted it was 10 degrees warmer than it had been all week, but I felt it was 10 degrees colder. I had the heat blasting in my house, in my car, everywhere I could. I’m naturally always cold, but I could not keep warm on Saturday, no matter how hard I tried.

After I returned home from my hair appointment, I went for a run. This was my first run f the cleanse. I wanted to run or go to yoga on the first day, but I stayed too late at work.The first mile felt miserable… I am not sure if it was because of how cold I felt, how my stomach was growling at me, or all the other things I had on my plate that day, but I was ready to give up. I finally hit my stride again and actually started to get hot and a little sweaty, despite the 35 degree weather.

I didn’t have time for a proper exfoliation shower, so I took a quickie shower before I got a massage. The massage was exactly what I needed after the past few days. I realized afterwards it was time for another juice.

When I got home from everything, I noticed all the candy from my Christmas stocking was on the counter, waiting for me to put it away. I really wanted some, but hid it from myself.

I was feeling pretty run-down, but I had plans to see Les Mis (great thinspiration) and to see a friend for her birthday. The smell of popcorn got to me a little, but I had my green juice… And was immediately starved again. The whole movie I was consumed by thoughts of food. I have a terrible attention span, but I started planning out m post-cleanse meals in my head.

As soon as I got to my car I couldn’t rip open my cashew milk fast enough… So fast that I got cashew milk all over my car, jeans, and leather jacket.  I couldn’t be angry at my delicious treat though, only myself for being irresponsible with open containers.

At my friend’s house, everyone was drinking, but I really did not have any desire to have a glass of wine or champagne. The 7-layer dip looked great, but cupcakes weren’t appealing to me… As this suddenly working? Are my sugar/sweet cravings gone? The idea of putting that crap in my body made me feel empowered, but I also left sad about my social life.

I did start having detox symptoms on Day 2 – most notably being cold, but my nose was runny and I had a terrible dry mouth. I also felt like I had a sore or two in my mouth, but it could have been from drinking hot liquids too quickly the past few days. I read about people having a film on my tongue, and mine looked a little white but I couldn’t tell. A friend also asked if my pee was completely water – I was surprised it was not, because drinking at least 100 ounces of water and 96 ounces of juice I thought it would be – did this mean I was losing all these toxins? A girl could hope.

The end of the night was a little rough because I had to call my hotel to be sure I could get early check in – and decided to check out their menu to see if I could get my post-detox treats of fresh-pressed juice, fruit, cucumbers, and avocado. Then I saw it – date shake. My heart fell. The third ingredient was ice cream. I plan on calling on Tuesday or Wednesday and see of they will make it with ice instead. Dates are my new favorite treat and date shakes at basically a California delicacy to me. I also saw banana brûlée oatmeal, which broke my heart because it combined three of my favorite things – bananas, brûlée, and oatmeal.

Read about day 3 on the Blue Print Cleanse.



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