Blue Print Cleanse Day 3

Everyone who says that Day 3 of the Blue Print Cleanse is the easiest is crazy. For me, it was the hardest. Either that, or I was just hitting my stride and need to do 5 days next time (because this morning, after finishing last night, I feel amazing and I’m finally craving juice).

I had to leave my house in Pittsburgh at 5:45 a.m. on Day 3 to get to the Airport for my 7:00 a.m. flight to Palm Springs. I decided to try and stay on my juice cadence, but on Pacific time – so having my second juice three hours later than normal. I think this was my mistake. I was miserable and cranky in the airport. I had too much luggage and too many liquids with me. After I had my second juice at around 12 p.m. Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern, I felt much better… for a little bit.

Blue Print Cleanse PAM Juice in Palm Springs

Blue Print Cleanse PAM Juice in Palm Springs!

The airport is full of tempting sights and smells – everywhere I turned someone was drinking a precious latte or cup of coffee and eating a breakfast sandwich. My first flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix smelled like breakfast sausage and I was driven wild by the scent. I think as part of this cleanse my sense of smell is crazily heightened – I smell every morsel of food or alcohol much more prominently than normal. I always smell the product used to color my hair (I think it smells amazing) for a couple days afterwards, but this time it’s enveloping me (which I don’t really mind).

Blue Print Cleanse Green Juice on an Airplane

Brainstorming before the photo shoot on the plane with my green juice!

When I arrived in Palm Springs, I went to where we were doing fittings to say hello and because my room wasn’t ready, so I figured I could change there and go for a run. Wrong choice because it was lunch time. Everyone’s food looked great… but what looked the best was the salad. I was so tempted to dig in. Someone was also holding a cupcake and I wanted to run my finger through the icing and taste it. I’m going to have to have some honey today to get over my sweets craving.

I went on a run around Palm Springs – and nearly hit the wall. I have only hit the wall running once, in 2010, when I was training for a half-marathon and hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours and went for an 8 mile run. My vision started going in and out around mile 3 – and I wanted to do 5 miles. I cut my losses and turned around early, knowing it would be really embarrassing for me to pass out not only on my juice cleanse, but on a work trip. I plan on going for a run today and yoga tomorrow.

I came back and had a green juice and immediately felt rejuvenated. I decided to go hit the steam room for a little bit to finish sweating all the toxins out until my room was ready and that felt amazing. I need to join a gym with a steam room.

After all that, my room was finally ready and I decided to take a long shower and do some work stuff I didn’t get finished on Friday. I started my last spicy lemonade and felt so empowered because I knew I was over my hump – two more juices and I could go to sleep and have solid food in the morning. I have never been so excited for a Monday in my life.

I went to dinner with most of the people from the team who are in Palm Springs – everyone was really cool about me not eating a drinking a juice – they didn’t think it was rude, which I was kind of concerned about. A lot of people wanted to do it after I told them about it, and our hair stylist commented on how great my skin looked (sans-make-up, even!). By the end of dinner and my last green juice, I finally felt at peace. I felt great mentally and physically.

I decided to go buy a scale after dinner since the gym at the ACE doesn’t have one (what kind of gym doesn’t have a scale?). When I opened it this morning – it said it was already at 5 pounds… so when I stepped on and weighed 99, I subtracted 5 pounds – and weighed 94. I lost 8 pounds in 5 days. My body definitely looks 94 (I can typically know my own weight within 2 pounds – sometimes I’m spot on). My beginnings of a six-pack (my four-pack) are back. I feel slender and not bloated for the first time in a month. It was all worth it.

Would I do Blue Print again? Yes, probably. I think I may try to do it after 6 months to keep myself on track. I think I am going to buy a Vitamix and start making my own fresh-pressed juices – maybe even juicing until dinner one day a week or totally juicing one day a month, just to kick start everything. I’m not craving sugar or pancakes this morning – it all seems too heavy. I’m craving fresh fruit and salad and maybe a little fish and tofu (which I am going to wait a little bit on).

This is definitely the kick I needed to lose the water weight from the holidays and jump start my healthy eating for 2013. You only get one body, so you might as well take care of it. Plus, things taste more delicious when you don’t have them every day.



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