“calling all artists!”

The ‘big apple’ has various stigmas, believed in by those who have not yet had the captivating experience of living here in the hustle and bustle of what so many of us refer to as an island of paradise. The beauty of New York City is that you will never experience the same day twice – but – each day can be just as amazing as the last. I’ve been a resident for one year. A year that was filled with more excitement, adventure, and unfamiliarity than I could have ever expected. Of course, not everyone shares the same story. However I think we can all agree that in a big city such as this, you are prone to opening yourself up to the wondrous existence of humanity in the most unique way.

Although not always dubbed the cleanest city, this concrete jungle has several nooks filled with green parks, waterfront path ways, architectural landscapes, and more. These are the more obvious signs of respect for nature, personal space, clean air, artistic freedom, you name it. To me, the most unique phase of the green reformation in NYC is a project called MTA: Arts for Transit. Since the wild-n-crazy times of the ‘80’s, where you would never think of stepping foot in the subways alone, the subway tunnels, entrance-ways  walls, and platforms have been completely transformed into what are now some of the cleanest metros in the country.


carly subway




While trekking through these underground stations, I prefer to walk slowly, take in the artistry, and enjoy my surroundings. It’s inevitable for trains to be late, construction underway, and delays on the tracks. During these down moments, I’ve pieced together the overall theme of subway design and have come to recognize its purpose. Bleeker street must be one of the most visual of all the stations, due to the overhead neon lighting fixtures and escalators.


bleeker lights 2


However, you cannot deny the enhanced experience that artwork in the outdoor stations and buildings bring to New York City commuters. I’m impressed, to be quite honest, in the execution and capacity for local artists to construct these installations in the first place.





For those who are naive to the beautiful wonder within the city, I challenge you to let go of your commuting formalities, retire to public transportation, and take a ride or two on the subways of New York City. You’ll be surprised at what you find – even if it’s just a doo-wop band with a cello, or one-man jazz ensemble.



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